Vision Boards: Your Future on A Canvas
Vision Boards: Your Future on A Canvas

Vision Boards: Your Future on A Canvas

That time of the year, the time of developing new year resolutions is here. The time when your friends and family come up to you, to decide together what you truly want to achieve in the new year. Some people make a To-Do list, while others do it through a vision board.

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is just like any other board but with pictures attached. It contains pictures, phrases, and goals of what you want to be, what do you want to achieve for the current year? What are the habits you want to leave? Etc. A vision board is like a reminder, that keeps reminding us of what we truly want to achieve in our life. It gives us meaning, and a purpose of fulfilling our dreams.

Imagine waking up from your bed and suddenly having your eyes on the vision board in your room. The writings, the pictures of your favorite people, the people that inspire you, the phrases that motivate you, and much more on that board will remind you of what you want to achieve at the start of your everyday. This will energize you in starting your day with an aim.

A vision board is like giving a visual meaning to the goals you want to achieve in your life. People cannot carry their to-do lists with them every day, so a vision board with all their goals on them can be of great help.

How to Prepare A Vision Board?

Preparing a vision board is not that hard. To prepare a vision board, you need:

  1. Brainstorming: Brainstorm all the ideas and goals you want to achieve and write them down on a paper.
  2. Prepare a Vision Board: Once you are set with your goals and ideas, start preparing a vision board by keeping in mind what phrases, pictures, motivational quotes, goals, and tasks you want to add to it.
  3. Search for Images: After you made a mindset regarding the vision board, start looking up pictures that inspire you, pictures with phrases that motivate you, and people with a lifestyle you want to achieve. You can also add pictures of what you want in life such as a house, a car, or a vacation, etc.
  4. Compile those images: Once you are done with your image search, compile them all together, and pick up the best ones to add to your vision board.
  5. Keep it Simple: The more pictures you add, the more complex your vision board will become. Therefore, keep it as simple as possible so it becomes easier for you to look at and understand.
  6. Display the vision Board: Now, after adding all the required pictures on your vision board, consider displaying it. You can display it as a wall frame in your room, as a door frame, or as a decorative item aside. Make sure to keep it in a place from where you can easily see it to get motivated every day.

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