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Ryze & Shine – Vision board, Planner, Motivation

Ryze & Shine – Vision board, Planner, Motivation

Our goals and dreams, and our journey to that destination is what keeps us alive

Ryze & Shine is a completely private, all rounded vision board for anyone from any walk of life. A platform for you to completely focus on your goals and dreams, create a plan with steps and progress daily with routines & rituals. We provide supplements like, the ability to, add or view motivational quotes and affirmations, pick or add rituals and keep track on your past achievements.

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How does it work

1. Add all your goals and dreams into a beautiful vision board

2. Visualize your dreams and get a big picture of what you what to achieve

3. Formulate a plan with steps and routines

4. Get motivated with affirmations, motivation quotes and galleries

5. Work on your steps and goals on your own time

6. Look back on what you have accomplished

7. Empower yourself with your favorite rituals or get ideas

It is easy lose sight of our goals and dreams and what we aspire to be. But no matter who you are, where you come from or what you are going through right now, you deserve to pursue & achieve all the things that make you happy. So get excited, pumped, inspired. Put down your goals, vision or dreams and look forward to them as you hustle. Let us strive to take the first step.

All features



Add images, descriptions & your “why”

Add steps

Add a gallery of images*

Rearrange according to priority

Add routines*

Mark as achieved when completed


Vision board

Colored according to categories

Add and view all your achievements

Visualize and manifest in full screen scroll mode



View a timeline of your goals

Automated plan that formulates according to your goal timelines

Drag & drop features to manually organize your plan



Add steps to tackle daily

View daily rituals and routines*

Drag & Drop to rearrange steps and tasks


View feed of motivational quotes and affirmations

Add your own motivational quotes & affirmations with images

Visualize your quotes and affirmations in full screen scroll mode



Add your own rituals

Pick rituals from our ideas



Look back & keep track of your achievements



You own all your data

Your data is stored in the internal storage of your device inaccessible by other applications

Use phone lock system or in-app pin lock to authorize access to application

We do not collect or store any personal data like email, name, images in our servers

Only with your consent that is optional, we collect crash & usage data to improve our app

Backup & restore your data in Google Drive (Beta)


"I really like the idea of tuning and customising my goals freely and even listing my favourite inspirational quotes with my preferred images. The app is light on my phone with very beautiful and user-friendly interface. What I like the most is that there are no annoying ads even before subscribing."


Esso Asal

"Very good app I really enjoyed using the vision board and found it very helpful for planning my goals. Great app!"


Alf Bee

"Great and simple interface. Useful for those needing a easy to use motivation track keeping tool."


Harry hari


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Let's hone our dreams

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