3 Ideas For 2021 Resolutions
3 Ideas For 2021 Resolutions

3 Ideas For 2021 Resolutions

Every year, millions of people around the globe generate new year resolutions to start their new year. The new year resolutions often contain goals, that either we didn’t achieve in the previous year, or are eager to attain in the next year.

New year Resolutions

New year resolution always consists of two emotions, “Hope and Fear.” The hope of fulfilling our desired goals, and fear of not being able to accomplish what we need. There are many reasons some resolutions fail. Some include facing the fear of rejection, laziness, lack of determination, or certain circumstances. According to the study conducted by “University of Scranton,” about 8% achieve their goals while about 80% or more tend to fail in accomplishing their goals. This is quite scary and must be taken into consideration.

Instead of being among the failures, why not try being among the remaining 8% of people who accomplish their goals and fulfill their new year resolutions. For this, we must have a clear idea of what we truly want to achieve.

Ideas for 2021 

Many ideas strike our minds when it comes to making new year resolutions. The most common ones include:

  • Losing weight
  • Avoiding alcohol intake
  • Avoiding smoking and drugs
  • Managing finances
  • Focusing more on a healthy diet
  • Waking up early in the morning
  • Making more friends

Apart from the most common resolutions that almost everyone makes, the top three are


Self-Care is extremely important especially in 2021 when Covid-19 still exists. If we won’t be able to take care of ourselves, we won’t be able to move forward. “Health is considered as wealth” and if you’re sick, then you won’t be able to focus more on your goals. Therefore, health is extremely important. Also, self-pampering gives you a sense of satisfaction and a “me-time” you always wanted. Take care of yourself this year as life is more important.

Build a Passive Income

In conditions like Covid-19, you need to build a passive income for yourself. If you are a mom with no job but very busy in your daily base life, or if you are a professional but don’t earn enough? Then building a passive income is a must to do. Passive income is the one that does not take much effort to earn. It’s like a small investment that gives you tremendous returns. Some of the passive income’s ideas include:

  • Selling a product or service
  • Freelancing
  • Rent Income
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Income through blogs or vlogs
  • Profit from saving accounts.

Have Goals

“An aimless life is like choosing a wrong unknown road” – Yasha Tomar

Having goals is very important in your life. They help to give you a purpose to live, a purpose to struggle for a better life. Make sure to make your 2021 resolution of accomplishing the goals you always wanted to, for a better life. Prepare a To-Do list of those goals and accomplish them one by one. Divide the long-term goal into short term goals to reach effectively.

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