WN Reviews

Iggy Booty

Took a minute to get the hang of how everything worked, but once I did, it’s been extremely useful and I haven’t had any issues so far. It has customization, but some things are locked behind a paywall, which sucks, but it’s something I can look past since it doesn’t distract from the handiness of the app. That, and there’s already so many free options for customizing that it’s really not that big of a deal.

Ano Nomous

It’s very pleasing to the eye, even with just the free backgrounds and customizations. I was able to choose from some very pretty fonts. I like that I don’t have to pay to keep my notes organized or use certain types of lists/calendars. It’s nice to have all my notes and calendar in one app.

Julia Schorr

I love it. I had a similar app forever ago and was looking for something similar where I could make lists and easily mark the stuff off when I was done. This app does that and more expecially for free.The only option of paying is for more fun backgrounds which is awesome. You can change the font and background too for free just more plainer backgrounds or texts. I absolutely adore using it.

Jacob .Campbell

Very happy with how simple the app is to use but also easily personalized and organized. Only issue so far is that I cannot seem to find a way to change the font of each individual note I make. While it is cool that the theme of the app can be changed and automatically applied to all existing notes, I would love the ability to have the theme just be a default font used and each note have the option to change from default to a different font. Adds alot more personalization to the app. Keep it up!

Macayla H

Wonderful app!!! The premium features are nice, but they offer lots of wonderful material for free, so it is possible to thoroughly enjoy the app without spending money. The personalization of your home page is so much fun! There’s a variety of colors, fonts, and backgrounds to choose from, sure to please anyone. The adds aren’t annoying at all and the interface is easy to navigate. 10/10 would definitely recommend!


I have only just started using Wondr Note, and so far I like it. I do not have any complaints. I do wonder however, where is the save button? For when I’m making a list, or just adding anything to anything! lol. I thought it automatically saves but then I hit the back button and a warning popped up, letting me know my changes were not saved if I continue I will lose some of my work. That is all I have so far. I will update as time goes on and I get more experience with Wondr Notes.


“This is exactly the kind of list app I was looking for. It has a clean interface, multiple features, useful widgets, and nice organization. Of course, what I especially appreciate is that the app doesn’t try to invasively collect all of your personal information. Plus, it actually allows you to purchase the upgrade it a reasonable price, instead of trying to obligate you to a monthly subscription fee.”

Brittani Marie Murray

“This is a beautifully designed , wonderfully organized, awesomely customizable, freakin sweet app ! Loving it ! Especially since most features are free , and it seems that the only thing you pay for is more customization features. But overall everything you need to use as a “mood” or vision board, for notes, agendas, etc. Is free ! This app is super awesome ! 5 stars from me !”

Brittany Biegajski

“When I dl’ed the app, I had thought it was just for note taking. When I opened the app and started to use it, I thought “WOW!! This has everything all in one, easy-to-use app!” countdowns, appts, reminders, notes, finance management, and more!!! All of the features are able to be customized with your choice of font, background, colors, etc;…. This app may finally be “the one” to help me become more organized!”