WN Reviews

Candace Jones

I thought this would just be a regular notes app, I needed one since my Samsung notes wasn’t working right anymore but this app is so much better than I thought, you can customize everything and manage it how you want. You can make lists with the check off option and manage your bills and income. I don’t ever pay for an app if there is a free version but I paid for the premium of this and I even am leaving a review ( I don’t do that either unless it’s just absolutely horrible )

Lilith Eva

I love it! it’s helping a lot with organizing my Christmas list for all the people I need to buy for. Works great too! I do wish there were more colors to choose from for the colors of the notes. Some of them are really bright and I would like to choose calmer or cooler colors. But honestly, it’s so small compared to how great and helpful this app had been. I love all the choices and the chance to design the notes myself.

Kate Thomas

So far, this is really amazing! For a small price you get so much to use and function with. The way it is laid out and the style choices help me focus on what I need done. One little hiccup, which I am not sure if this is an app problem or possibly my phone, but the customize color tends to not work. It’s hard to tell which section I’m picking for and I cannt guide it to a specific one to change the color.

Chynna L

I have used Color Note since 2017 and this is so much better. It’s cuter and a lot more functional, and you can add tags to keep up with everything, kind of like hashtags. You can add pictures, agendas, lists, and even keep track of finances, as well as a lot of customization features at your disposal. I had it crash on me but support was responsive, however I recommend to people to back up often just in case it crashes. The customer service is awesome, and I will recommend this app to my folks!

Willow Sapling

god i love this app. it’s basically perfect. i use it all day, every day, the only notes app that doesn’t drive me batshit crazy to use. the only things i really wish it had are rich text editing and the ability to rearrange the order of pinned notes. i’m dyslexic, it’s hard for me to differentiate words without being able to make things bold or underlined. it would be cool if you could insert pictures into the body of a note, too, but that’s not necessary at all. thank you so much for this app!

Helena Jozwik

Great app, got the Premium! I would really love to see more certain features! I wish we could customize the font, color, and background for each individual note! Right now we can only do so for the overall app. It would also be nice to be able to bold/underline/italicize the text, and to be able to change the text’s color within the note.

Dean Deschner

only been using it a little while, but already love it! it has a lot of customization options and a widget for your phone screen. I am considering purchasing the premium, but am waiting to see if it would be worth it, or if i can make do with just the free features. It is only a one-time 2.99 purchase though, which seems fairly reasonable, since some apps have upgrades that cost $0.99 per feature, which can add up quickly, or they are subscription based.

Jerry Hall Jr

A good note-taking app. Has some extra features that give it good versatility. My only qualm is that while you can create agendas for specific dates, there doesn’t seem to be a “repeat” or “template” feature so that you can methodically add an item to your agendas repeatedly (if, for example, I want to remind myself to brush my teeth regularly). Without that feature, I still consider Wondr Note a great app for what it does.


Wonderful! Cute and practical, just enough customization without being a mess! I wish we could change fonts for individual notes but since it’s literally the only notes app I’ve actually enjoyed so far, I’m not that disgruntled- also, totally great for free and the premium app is super affordable (and not a subscription, bless you guys), like, 10/10