Feature Interview on DownloadAstro: App of the day!

Feature Interview on DownloadAstro: App of the day!

We were lucky to be interviewed and featured by the awesome people at DownloadAstro as the App of the day! Check it out to find out more about us and other cool apps on their platform!

What need of the user did you have in mind when developing this app?

First & foremost, we are huge advocates of goal setting with visualization, motivation & taking action. We want to empower people to be able to tackle these needs. Users can create a beautiful vision board, and also plan out how they were going to take action on their goals. Goals do not have to be associated with pressure, it is the journey & the effort, that is beautiful. And if we can inspire 1 person in that way, the app works.

Check it out the full interview: https://appoftheday.downloadastro.com/app/ryze-shine-vision-board-planner-motivation/

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